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Picture of the Week Archives

Images past and present of Andover.


Some candid shots from our 25th Reunion ("If it's '84 it must be '59"). Can you identify everyone? Some clues below. (photos by Neshamkin)


From left - Cox, Maier, Devining, ?, ?, Pochna, ?


From left - Maureen & David Othmer, ?, ?, Higdon, Thompson, ?, Cox


Val Mayer


Hank Higdon and Val Mayer


Quinn Rosefsky (?) listens to David Othmer's presentation.


David Othmer presents us with some interesting information about the Class of '59.

Basil Cox and Dick Goodyear react.



(Click here to learn more about the '59 Crew.)



Kitty Sides Flather, David Othmer, and Susan Goodwillie Stedman at the Santa Fe mini-reunion in March 2007.


Our first reunion. Free prize to the first one to identify all classmates correctly! Submit your answers by clicking here



Can you identify this group? And the organization they were in? Submit your answers by clicking here. Or discuss it with yout classmates on the Yahoo PA59ers discussion group.


How many classmates can you identify? Submit your list by clicking here.


Photo from a 1956 Andover Bulletin showing students in front of Commons. How many 59ers can you identify among the mostly upperclassmen?


(click here to learn more)


Can you identify this group? Clue: The 1959 8'n 1.


Can you identify this group? OK, This is a lot harder than last week. Clue: Junior year, Williams Hall. (From Paul Neshamkin's personal photos -- let's hear from you if you can dig up yours.)


A select table in the Commons. As a test, identify this group from left to right (this is an easy one, we promise to offer more challenging tests in the future.



Pep Rally


View from the Bell Tower - 2006



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