Join PA59ers - The Andover Class of 1959 Yahoo group

If you want to share news, photos, polls, and chat with your classmates in PA '59 join our own private, secure, Yahoo Newsgroup. Once you have subscribed, you can post and share all the email messages sent to the group by your classmates. If this is too much mail, you can receive a daily digest or opt out on email, and read the messages at the PA59ers Yahoo Groups web site. In exchange for this free service, you will have to put up with some advertisements from Yahoo, but your privacy will be respected. Yahoo Groups is well respected in the online community and this will be a monitored, spam-free environment monderated by your classmates on the web committee.

What are the advantages? It's a great place to share a conversation with all your fellow classmates joining in. You can post files, if you want to share a story or some memories. You can upload photos and sounds to albums you can create and maintain privately, or share with others. The web committee will use this as a staging ground for you to submit material to be shared on the PA59ers web site.

If you've never subscribed to a Newsgroup or list like this before, give it try. You can always unsubscribe or contact your web committee classmates, and they will give you a hand.

So you want to subscribe and join PA59ers, right? It's as simple as clicking right here.

An email message will open, then just click Send, and you will automatically be subscribed. If you are not already a Yahoo member, you will be asked to fill out a profile and join. This is free.

If you want, you can also visit the PA59ers Yahoo Group web site and subscribe there. Or if you have trouble, just send an email to the web committee at and let us know. We will then send you an automated invitation with instructions.