50th Reunion Great Success!

What a terrific reunion! Our class broke all records and won the trophy for best percentage attendance. Click here to see who attended. We're posting photos and videos here as we can process them. (If you have any you want to share, send them to Paul Neshamkin.

As a start, Paul Neshamkin posted his photos here.

And click here to see some of Paul's videos.

Valentine Mayer is the first to submit more photos of the Reunion. You can see them by clicking here.

(Valentine thought the campus a little drab, so he posted these Fantasy Photos.)

Quinn Rosefsky next submitted his Reunion photos. Click here to see them.

Stephen Rostler saw the campus through different eyes.

Check back here for new additions.


Diz Bensley dies at 84

Art and photography teacher, Diz Bensley passed away on July 2. A 1943 graduate of Andover, Bensley taught at the school from 1949 until his retirement in 1992. Read the obiturary . . .

The Creative Works Committee Adds a SlideShow and New Galleries to the Creative Workshop

As an ongoing salute to the creativity of the Class of '59, the Creative Works Committee has created a slide show of works sumitted by Ned Grew, Dick Goodyear, and Jerry Bremer; and this catalog (click here to access a 2.5 MB PDF version) and is adding personal online "galleries" to The Creative Workshop. Visit this site regularly over the next two months as works are added as you submit them. Contact Quinn Rosefsky for details.

Join the Discussion!

Did you know that 33 of your classmates are talking behind your back? Join the PA59ers Yahoo discussion group and share in the fun (right now we are talking about what music has meant to us).

It's very easy to join the group. You can do so by clicking on the following link and sending an empty email to: This will automatically subscribe you to the group.

Or you can visit the discussion Web site at:

Take a look around and subscribe there. We urge you to join and participate.

Reunion Book Essays

We have recently added over 20 new Reunion Book Essays to your personal Pot Pourri or Abbot Circle pages. Click here for a list of posted essays. Although the deadline for submission was November 23 for the Book, you can still send them to Paul Neshamkin, if you would like to share them here.

David Othmer's Vineyard

Since we will all soon be sharing wine from the Othmer Vineyard (assuming you come to our 50th Reunion), David has posted a blog to our site that will keep you informed periodically on the progress your wine is making (he is now up to episode 3) - a year in the vineyard.

Class Notes in Blog Format

From now on Class Notes and other News will be available in blog format from David Othmer. Links from this page and others on the site will point directly to David's blog, which he will be updating periodically. We also maintain an archives of recent class notes. If any of you are interested in creating your own blogs and having us link to them from the PA59ers web site, please contact Paul Neshamkin. If you need instruction on how to proceed, he would be happy to help you out.

50 years ago in The Phillipian

Re-live your Senior Year! We are up to the 29th and 30th issues of our Senior year of The Phillipian - May 21, 1959, and June 3, 1959 (the final, year-end wrap up issue). Also, if you missed any, check out the past issues in the Archive.

We need to hear from you!

We need your contributions of content, ideas, and energy to make this an exciting place to visit. Click here to find out how.

Do You Remember . . .

When we started the PA 59ers web site, we added a Do You Remember page in the hope of stirring your memories. One of the first (and only) items added was a little note on Sam the Barber. Finally, one of you responded with your memories about "Sixty-second Sam." Read Lea Pendelton's note here.

Faculty Memories

The Faculty section has a page for each of our faculty There's not much to read here yet, so what we want you to do is help bring them back as you remember them. Each month or so we will feature two or three. Let us know what made them memorable -- kudos, quirks, quotes. In the spring several of you sent in some for Miner, Winnie Sides, and FAP (Thanks!). We then asked for your memories of three French instructors - Dr. Grew, Mr. Whitney, and Monsieur Symonds. Follow the links on their names to see the entries, and send in your own. This month we feature a trio of our coaches - Fred Harrison, Stephen Sorota, and Frank Diclemente. Click the links to their pages and read Mike Bassett's memories (and send me your own).

Then click here to send us an email with your memories. And we will add them to their page.

Alan Albright has created a movie, "Men of Yore" saluting our departed faculty.



Boston Gathering

20 of of our classmates had a grand dinner, organized by Jim Bishop, a week or so ago in Boston--great food, great views, great company: a good preview of what's to come! Click here for a picture (fuzzy but historic) and see who you can identify.

New York City Reunion Gift Planning Meeting

On June 12, 2008 a small get-together of Class of '59ers met at the Yale Club in NYC for lunch and to start discussion of possible goals and purposes for our 50th Reunion Gift. Click here for details.





50 Years Ago This Week

"News" from the May 14, 1959, May 21, 1959, and June 3, 1959 editions of The Phillipian.

May 14, 1959

May 21, 1959

June 3, 1959


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